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we work with the worlds biggest brands to democratize access to sports
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Exposure Opportunities
Get connected with a sports content creator who will come film your next game - for free!
Connect, engage and be inspired by the best of the best athletes, industry experts and media personalities.
Learn from the best on and off the field. Whether it's learning how to build your brand, finances, or coping with your mental health, our instructors are here to help.
Your toolkit just got that much heavier with SEQL. Everything you could ever need as a student-athlete, can be found in our application.
SEQL is the vehicle for you to make a social impact and reach the amateur athlete demographic.
Helping make basketball more than just a game. Uplift communities through your content and showcase emerging players.
Reimagining the future of sport by co-creating access for under-represented communities.
Professional Bull Riding
Helping grow the emerging sport of bull riding and be a part of this exciting community and culture.
Work with Big Brands
SEQL gives you real paid opportunities in partnership with the biggest brands in sports.
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Become a SEQL Creator and open up a world of paid possibilities. Join the Discord Community
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100,000+ Network
Join one of the the world's largest creator network.
SEQL Content Creator Portal
Get paid to shoot, film, and edit all while working with the biggest names in sports.
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All the A’s for your q’s.

What is Impact-As-a-Service?
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"Impact-As-a-Service" (IaaS) is a business model that focuses on delivering social or environmental impact to customers as a service. IaaS aims to provide organizations or individuals with the ability to achieve their sustainability goals or contribute to a more significant cause without the need to establish their own infrastructure or expertise.

Why partner to SEQL?
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By outsourcing social impact efforts to IaaS providers like SEQL, brands can benefit from our specialized knowledge and technology, allowing them to focus on their core business activities while still making a positive impact.

What does SEQL do?
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We combine sports and technology to create an equal playing field for life for student-athletes. From PBR to the NBA to Adidas, we work with the world’s best sporting organizations and brands to create a more inclusive world for all athletes across all sports by provided resources like Exposure, Entertainment and Education paid for by brands.

Are the payments monthly? Can I pay for longer?
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You pay monthly instead of hourly or by the project. It’s simpler and lets you choose how long we work together. It’s less complicated this way and gives you enough time to see if it’s right for your brand.

If you want a longer plan duration, try out a month or so first. If we're a good fit for each other, we'll make it happen.

How can I contact your company?
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Send over an email to

Can anyone be a part of SEQL?
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Yes, anyone can be a part of SEQL, including parents, coaches, trainers, athletes, and anyone else in the sports ecosystem.

Are you available on android?
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No, we are currently only available in the Apple App Store. However, we are working on making our app available on Android devices in the near future.